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Plastic Cards

Printing on plastic

Plastic card printing for events, membership and identification


We can print 760 mic plastic PVC cards that are similar to credit cards in size (86mm wide x 54mm high). These can be used as ID cards, quick reference cards (such as health and safety messages, hotline telephone numbers or shortcut commands and features as shown on the example below) or for any other custom requirement. They can be printed in full colour and bleed to edge.

We can also overprint cards to ensure you achieve an economic way to maintain consistency whilst promoting individual information.  For example we can print a stock of base cards, then you can call off the cards as and when required by sending through an Excel database so that the personalised data can be included. We also produce carrier letters so the cards can be distributed directly to the end users.

Please call for more information and we will be happy to talk you through the most appropriate solution for your needs.

Plastic Card

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