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Ring Binder Printing

Custom printed D ring binders

Ring binder design and printing


We supply and print vinyl, polypropylene and paper over board ring binders to suit a variety of requirements. We can design and print ring binders which can take A3, A4 or A5 paper.

Printed ring binders are perfect for training courses, exhibitions, teaching, user manuals and employee handbooks. Binders are also available in different capacities and in white and other colours. The most popular 4D mechanism is available along with 2D, 3D and lever arch. 

Spine Size - This is literally the width of the spine of the ring binder. This means that this dimension relates to how much room the binder will take up on your shelf. So, a 25mm capacity ring binder will have a 38mm spine width (and take up 38mm of shelf space), but should be optimum for holding a stack of paper 25mm thick (or 200 sheets of 100gsm paper). 

Capacity Guide (approx based on 100gsm paper):
15mm - 120 sheets (spine = 26mm)
20mm - 160 sheets (spine = 32mm)
25mm - 200 sheets (spine = 38mm)
40mm - 320 sheets (spine = 53mm)
50mm - 400 sheets (spine = 70mm)
65mm - 500 sheets (spine = 90mm)

Vinyl ring binders

are made from cardboard wrapped with welded white or coloured PVC material. The outside of the ring binder either has pockets on the front and spine to place printed inserts into, or an overlay of clear vinyl over the top of printed sheets to create a fully encapsulated binder to front, back and spine, producing a bespoke binder. With good quality print these folders can look fantastic against a regular white or coloured vinyl. There are options for 2, 3 or 4 D ring holders and we can also print or supply tabbed dividers to go inside each folder. 

It is also possible to print directly onto the PVC but the print will not go over the outer edge of the binder, as there is a weld running around the edge.

Vinyl ring binders are durable and long lasting. However, when they do reach end of life, each element of the ring binder can be recycled. The plastic coating means they are suitable for protecting the contents from water, dirt or grease as they can be easily wiped clean. Vinyl ring binders are not suitable in cold temperatures and will crack if knocked sharply at around zero degrees (this is called “cold crack”).

In summary, vinyl ring binders are:

  • Hard wearing
  • Lay flat when open
  • Recycled options available
  • Suitable for small or large quantities


Polypropylene ring binders

are made from a sheet of polypropylene creased into shape with a ring mechanism riveted in place. Polypropylene is a durable and flexible material available in various thicknesses:

  • 475 micron – lightweight
  • 750 micron – medium weight
  • 1100 micron - heavy weight

The thickest materials are used for larger binders. There are a variety of clear, tints and opaque colours available. They are either screen or litho printed and the print can go right to the edge of the binder.

Polypropylene is a cost effective material with the protective properties of plastic. It will protect contents from spillages and can be wiped clean. Polypropylene is a popular choice for promotional ring binders and can be recycled. Polypropylene ring binders are less rigid than vinyl/paper over board binders, so they will not ‘stand’ on a shelf. The material has a ‘memory’ and once fixed in a position, it will retain that position. They can also be combined with matching polyprop tabs or normal printed ones. Plus the benefit of having a 2,3 or 4 hole D-ring means that contents can easily be updated. 

In summary, polypropylene ring binders are:

  • Contemporary
  • Durable
  • Economical
  • 100% recycled available


Paper over Board

ring binders are manufactured using one piece of cardboard covered with printed paper. The printed sheet can now have special finished such as foil or spot varnish before  then usually laminating for protection and adhered to the board. The binder is then creased into shape and the D ring  mechanism (2 hole, 3 hole or 4 hole) riveted in place.

Paper over board ring binders are very versatile as they can be printed with any design, using any specialist paper finishes or materials and the print can go over the edge of the binder. They are also available in a large range of sizes.

Due to the laminated paper, these ring binders are difficult to recycle. Even if a biodegradable laminate is used, the glue used in the process means they will not biodegrade. They are not intended for high intensity use as this soon make them look tatty.

In summary, paper over board ring binders are:

  • Able to lay flat when open
  • Use FSC paper
  • Suitable for wrap around designs
  • Made from recycled board
  • Possibly the most premium type of ring binder

Additional extras can include self adhesive pockets which can be applied to the inside pages of the printed ring binder to allow for business cards, CD/DVD discs, A4, A5, A6, A7 sheets and diagonal corners. We can also supply custom cut and printed tab dividers. For very short run folders we recommend using our standard white vinyl folder where we can print a cover and spine which we then insert into the pockets. 

Note: We also print, finish and insert contents as well

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