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Polypropylene Ring Binders

For training and coursework

Polypropylene ring binder printing for training manuals and coursework


Polypropylene ring binders are made from a sheet of polypropylene creased into shape with a ring mechanism riveted in place. Polypropylene is a durable and flexible material available in various thicknesses:

  • 475 micron – lightweight
  • 750 micron – medium weight
  • 1100 micron - heavy weight

The thickest materials are used for larger binders. There are a variety of clear, tints and opaque colours available. They are either screen or litho printed and the print can go right to the edge of the binder.

Polypropylene is a cost effective material with the protective properties of plastic. It will protect contents from spillages and can be wiped clean. Polypropylene is a popular choice for promotional ring binders and can be recycled. Polypropylene ring binders are less rigid than vinyl/paper over board binders, so they will not ‘stand’ on a shelf. The material has a ‘memory’ and once fixed in a position, it will retain that position. They can also be combined with matching polyprop tabs or normal printed ones. Plus the benefit of having a 2,3 or 4 hole D-ring means that contents can easily be updated. 

In summary, polypropylene ring binders are:

  • Contemporary
  • Durable
  • Economical
  • 100% recycled available

Size options

 - A Binder suitable for storing A3 sized sheets (420mm x 297mm).

  • Overall size: 440mm x 717mm, spine 28mm
  • Overall size: 440mm x 737mm, spine 37mm
  • Overall size: 440mm x 775mm, spine 56mm

 - A Binder suitable for storing A4 sized sheets (297mm x 210mm).

  • Flat size: 311mm x 535mm, spine 26mm
  • Flat size: 311mm x 547mm, spine 37mm
  • Flat size: 311mm x 586mm, spine 56mm
  • Flat size: 311mm x 628mm, spine 70mm
  • Flat size: 311mm x 657mm, spine 85mm

A4 Landscape
 - A Binder suitable for storing A4 sized sheets in a landscape orientation (210mm x 297mm).

  • Flat size: 230mm x 697mm, spine 28mm
  • Flat size: 230mm x 727mm, spine 37mm
  • Flat size: 230mm x 765mm, spine 56mm
  • Flat size: 230mm x 794mm, spine 70mm

 - A Binder suitable for storing A5 sized sheets (210mm x 148mm).

  • Flat  size: 225mm x 394mm, spine 25mm
  • Flat size: 225mm x 411mm, spine 37mm
  • Flat size: 225mm x 456mm, spine 56mm
  • Flat size: 225mm x 480mm, spine 70mm
  • Flat size: 225mm x 512mm, spine 82mm

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Polypropylene ring binder printing