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Animation Design & Video Creation

Animation design and video creation and editing.

Animation design and video creation


We can create a compelling story which can then be animated in a video format to help broaden your marketing awareness. Using the latest Adobe creative cloud software tools we create visual ideas that can then be animated and combine this with a professional voice-over backed with subtle royalty free music. Also simple animations for adverts on social media can quickly and easily be created ready for new advertising campaigns.

The video below was developed from an initial brief which helped define the visual look and appeal. We designed initial illustrations from hand drawn sketches to come up with the look we and the client liked. Storyboards were then created for the whole video to ensure the message was on track and kept to the shortest time possible. In fact this video can be split in two to allow the second part to be more targeted to professionals who don't need the layman's explanation at the beginning. 

We worked with a professional voice over artist to record the approved script which we incorporated into the animation. Changing the language in both the animated text and voice over recording is an added possibility, allowing a message to be delivered in multiple countries.

Whether you have a simple promotion or a more complex process to explain, talk to us about how to add visual impact and engage your audience using animation.

For more information on our video animation design and build then please contact us today and please take a look at our own promo video for more information on what we do.



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