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Creative Mailers

Direct mail design

Creative mailers for direct mail campaigns


Promoting your business is essential for success. At our Basingstoke design agency we can design direct mail campaigns that have instant impact, putting you ahead of the competition. We can work with supplied corporate guidelines or just a design brief to create a direct mail piece that can work on small or large scale. 

Some of the options worth considering are : 


Our design studio use Adobe Creative Suite for all our direct mail design work. However we also use some clever software called XMPIE which allows us to fully personalise each mailer depending on the data supplied in a CSV file. This can include both text and imagery. It is ideal if you are wanting to create a very personlised marketing campaign over and above a simple mail merge. Statistics have shown that personalised mailers can return better results over a basic mailer. 

Bespoke design

When designing a mailer campaign then it naturally has to look good and quickly get the message across. If it is being mailed then consideration to the address and postage area has to meet compliance and we are experience in helping in this area. 


Special shapes or finishes

For mailing campaigns that stand out then our design agency in Basingstoke can work to make it look good through the use of specialist finishes such as spot varnish or metallic foil. We can also create unique shapes and die cut to shape so that the final printed mailer piece stands out in comparison to everything else in the post.


Below is a video of a sample mailer piece we created, here's how it works...


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