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Marketing Campaigns

Cross media marketing and design service for SME companies

Marketing campaign service


Cross media marketing campaigns involve sending direct mail via more than one medium. For example, if you were planning an event, you could use cross media over a 2-3 month period and send as follows:

  1. Printed mailer outlining the details of the event
  2. Follow up eshot as a reminder to book (good to mention early bird discounts, if applicable)
  3. Amend follow up eshot to those who have not responded within a certain timeframe
  4. Final reminder eshot
  5. Confirmation details to attendees (print or email)

If you are a user of social media such as Facebook and Twitter, you can also use these mediums to create interest in an event or offer discounts. By targeting your recipients in more than one way, you are likely to receive better results.

To go a step further, we can create personal URLs (PURLs) whereby your recipient has a personalised web page. A PURL can be customised via use of text, images or videos specifically targeting each individual's interests. PURLs are an effective marketing tool and allow your campaigns to be more interactive with your customers and prospects.

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