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Whether you're starting a new business or looking to revamp your image, our creative design team will help you portray the true identity of your business through a custom designed logo. We can help advise and develop your corporate branding through clever research into how you want to portray your organisation. For small companies this can include the development of a logo and business stationery suite through to complete corporate guidelines. 

When it comes to logo design there are really no rules. However you do have to consider factors such as is the logo for a company or product. Is it new or evolving from an existing design. The key thing is that the logo works, is clear and stands out in a positive way from the competition. It can be simple or complex with each factor having to be considered by the designer. However simple logos tend to work much better than complex logos. You only have to consider some of the worlds largest brands to get an idea.

If you are looking to get a logo designed then we would ask you to consider the following :


Your likes

What company logos do you like and also what don't you like? All of these points are really important in helping us come up with initial ideas for your new logo design so it is important that we understand your thought process. 


Typography and looks are important but we need to ensure it is a design that will work in the long term. Gradients can look pretty but don't work if you need to do single colour prints on pens etc or work with embroidered shirts. Our designers have to consider these points when working on your logo design. 

Logo proportions and size

We have to consider how the logo is proportioned and also the exclusion area around the logo design. For example if you were called Basingstoke Design Agency and Printing Services and wanted a logo designed with that text it might not work in a big long line. 


It sounds obvious but colours can look very different in print to on screen. Not only that but it it is work looking at how a colour is printed in 4 colour process on both coated and uncoated papers as again it will look different. We use Pantone swatch books to check if spot colours work in 4 colour process and also how it looks online and in RAL colours if appropriate. We also provide samples to our clients or they can review our books in our Basingstoke design office and also see printed samples across a range of medias. 


At the end of the day by using the KISS principle "Keep it simple, stupid" is a golden rule to follow. Make sure the logo design is not too complex and you will find it will work really well across the various media. 

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