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Essential design service

Proofreading service

The smallest mistakes have the potential to lose you clients. Our team can help proofread your documents hard copy or online at competitive rates. When we are working on design projects we naturally help and check with this process but at the end of the day the client has to approve final artwork. 

As a quick guide here are some of the things which are essential to check before going to print or press which don't get picked up at proofreading stage.

  • Telephone numbers (Is it the right number to be contacted on)
  • Address and especially the postcode
  • Dates can rapidly change so unless the material is a leaflet for an event try to avoid using them to add longevity to your document. 
  • Locations for events. Double check the hotel information is correct especially with regards to access and parking.
  • Named people
  • Product names

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