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Roller banner & pull up exhibition stand

Mosquito roller banner - Design and printing


Excellent roller banner for next day delivery. It's available in various sizes and we keep the 850mm wide x 2m unit in stock for same day production for emergency marketing requirements! The Mosquito roller banner has the twin feet and is finished in silver so that it looks great on your stand or in your office. It's lightweight so you can easily carry them around making it easier to setup your exhibition stand. You can also put more than one next to each other to create a wall backdrop that is quick to put together and also lightweight to carry to the event.


Mosquito roller banner stand for exhibitions


Hardware dimensions (mm):

Mosquito 800 - 800(W)x2105(H)x285(D)
Mosquito 850 - 850(W)x2105(H)x285(D)
Mosquito 1000 - 1000(W)x2105(H)x285(D)
Mosquito 1200 - 1200(W)x2105(H)x285(D)
Mosquito 1500 - 1500(W)x2105(H)x285(D)

Hardware Weights:

Mosquito 800 - 3kg
Mosquito 850 - 3.3kg
Mosquito 1000 - 3.5kg
Mosquito 1200 - 4.5kg
Mosquito 1500 - 5kg

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