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30 Sq metre stands & bigger

Design ideas for larger exhibition stands

Design ideas and concepts for large exhibition stands requiring professional installation


This selection of exhibition stands are based on 30 square metres or larger. Although modular in construction we would really recommend using our professional installation & dismantle service to ensure the stand is ready for your event and put away again at the end. 


Open stand 7.5m x 4.5m 

This is an impressive stand that is nice and open on three sides with a counter and arch. There is a prominent area for product display & ample space for seating or showcasing larger items. The total kit weighs around 375kg and would require a couple of days to build. 

One wall exhibition stand 7.5m x 4.5m example


Freestanding open stand 5x5m 

This uber cool stand allowing free access from all points also takes into account the requirement for storage. The TV mounts allow for promo videos and presentations with the counter acting as a central focal point. Weighing around 375kg it would take four people two days to build ready for the show.

Open 5x5m exhibition stand example


Two sided stand 7.5m x 4.5m 

This design allows two open sides with a large tower section to create height and visual impact. A intergral meeting room utilising acrylic & fill in panels for privacy add to the functionality of this exhibition stand. With lots of space for furniture and TV monitors it is a great way to show off your organisation.

Two wall 7x4m exhibition stand example


Island 6x3m for open space

This standalone island stand has plenty of space to display your branding and message. With lots of wall space and some lovely curved arches it certainly is a little different to the usual approach for stand design. Only weighing around 85kg it would take two people a couple of days to assemble. 

Island 6x3m exhibition stand example


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