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Interior decor & design - Wall art & glass printing

Wall art - Designed graphics that are printed, laminated, cut to shape

Wall art graphics and wallpaper printing for offices, banks, public spaces and more

Our creative team can help with improving the interior look of the building you work in by using clever design and some very innovative materials. From simply creating a feature wall from a photograph by printing easy to apply self adhesive wallpaper to a full office change. We use materials that are B1 safety regulated for fire within the United Kingdom and can supply data sheets for the wallpapers and vinyls. 

Wall art graphics design

We have an experienced design team who can work from your brief to create wall graphics that impress. We can work alongside an interior designer to help create features or to a corporate guidelines to design graphics that meet your requirements. Interior graphics can be anything from a simple logo to complex visuals that could be cut to shape and go on interior walls, glass and exterior surfaces. We have worked on a variety of design work for public sector clients, education, corporate clients and also private residences. 

Example of cut vinyl feature wall design and installation

Decor for interior glass and glass partitions

Certainly we think that glass in offices can be very boring with just plain frosted vinyl. It can easily be changed to look vibrant and colourful and act as a real feature when clients are visiting your office. There are options to cut plain frosted vinyl to shapes to create interesting designs but it can also be printed on in colour or white to stand out even more. For full colour effects then printing onto clear vinyl which again can be cut to shape can create a fantastic effect. Designs can meet corporate guidelines or be completely free from constraint to create pieces of art which can look amazing at night when illuminated. 

Example of cut vinyl feature wall design and installation

Floor graphics designed for decor and wayfinding

Floor graphics can be printed and cut to shape to be applied on solid flat surfaces. We use anti slip materials to ensure safety when applied. Printed floor graphics can be used for short term promotions, design features and wayfinding. Designs can be printed in full colour and easily applied by the end user depending on final size. We do offer a professional installation service.  

Example of floor stickers


Printed wallpaper and vinyl for feature walls

Using graphics to create a feature wall has never been easier. We can easily create a design that stands out as a main feature which can be applied as a complete wall cover using wallpaper or cut to shape and applied to create something that looks amazing. The example below is a combination of large graphics printed and cut to shape onto white self adhesive vinyl. We can also apply specialist textured laminates for a more unique look and feel.

Example of cut vinyl feature wall design and installation


Specialist vinyl coverings for doors, furniture and walls

There are now solutions to update furniture, doors and walls with vinyl coverings to create unique and hard wearing designs. Materials from 3M called DI-NOC and also another brand called Cover Styl' offer a unique range of designs and finishes that can be used to revamp interiors to bring them back to a new condition but with a completely different look. These solutions have been popular with hotels and companies as it is far cheaper to refurbish room doors than to replace. They can be used on walls, doors, boardroom tables and office desks to change the style and look very quickly. 

Some of the key points for using this type of refurbishment are that it can be done in a normal environment with minimum intrusion, quick, easy to clean and anti-bacterial, you can do it in stages and it is a solution that allows you to keep up with current trends. 

It is worth looking at the swatches which include wood grains, stone effects and leathers which can be viewed in our office or the online versions can be found here. 


Cover Styl'

Interior vinyl swatches


Wallpaper design, printing and installation

The use of bespoke designed and printed wallpaper for wall art can quickly change an interior to look incredible. You can use corporate guidelines to ensure designs are carried through all online and offline marketing. Other options are to go bold for a new look in the work environment. Images can be processed in our studio to make them vector for different effects when printed large or simply resampled. It is also a very quick way to make a visual change in your office and as a guide a 5m wall that is 3m tall can be installed in around 3 hours. 

There are lots of different options for wallpaper and we normally use a self adhesive matt textured paper that can be easily applied. However there are other options such as Jacquard Effect , Sandblast effect and canvas effect (applied with wallpaper glue). We also have a ready pasted wallpaper that is dipped into water and is then applied directly to the wall. This materia is free of PVC, it meets the requirements of the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) and it is ISO14001 certified and, as such, it can be validated as being sustainable, environmentally-friendly and ecologically produced, with the production of the wood that is used in the production of the paper being a socially and environmentally-responsible process.

The wallpaper we print on has a good opacity to stop show through but is ideal on clean painted plaster surfaces. It can be self installed or we provide a professional installation. 

Printed wallpaper installed in a University


Exterior colour change architectural films for buildings with cladding

We have a range of materials that we can use to change the facade of existing clad buildings. Paint doesn't bond very well to powder coated surfaces and we can quickly apply vinyl to the surface to instigate a colour change which requires no drying time. It can also be done over a period of time for larger projects. Different vinyl films offer varying degrees of  UV protection to prevent fading. Also it is easy and quick to replace the vinyl over a small number of panels if they have to be replaced. As they are usually flat surfaces we can use low cost vinyls but the best solutions are designed for cladding from companies such as Avery Dennison who offer facade film 

The building below is on our business park and we updated the tired grey look  with gloss black and printed and cut vinyl for the lower graphics. 

Building wrapped in black vinyl