9-12 sq metre stand space ideas

These stand designs allow flexibility depending on the stand space you have chosen. There are solutions for open and enclosed walls and usually require a couple of people to assemble. All of these ideas can be tailored to your unique requirement so please ask if you have any questions.


Single back wall

This stand is based on a space that is open on all three sides. It is spacious with a large graphic wall allowing for literature shelving, poser table, monitor and lighting. It should take 1 day with two people to assemble and only weighs around 33kg. 

Single back wall exhibition stand


Two sided wall

Having two open walls allows you to create an eyecatching display with large imagery working from various angles. This design only takes less than 1 day to assemble with 2 people and weighs about 33kg. Using a mixture of printed fabric and popup material it is easy to put together with literature stands, poser table and welcome counter.

Two wall L shaped exhibition stand


U Shaped or three wall exhibition stand space

The common U shaped space can be designed with some powerful wall graphics but still allowing space for a table and chairs with an element of privacy from your neighbours. This stand weighs in at about 60kg and can be assembled in a day by two people. 

U shaped three wall exhibition stand idea


Free-standing cube exhibition stand

The stand example is not only ideal for exhibitions but can easily but used in an office space or for a company roadshow. It is 3m x 3m in size and would take three people around one day to build. You can easily use bold and bright colours to create a welcoming environment with a lighting system integrated into the ceiling. Please note this system comes with 2 x 19kg cases, 2 x 1kg bags, 2 x 2kg lighting bags and a number of acrylic panels bringing the total weight to around 180kg. 

Free standing cube exhibition idea


Open or single wall exhibition stand

This exhibition stand a very cost effective design for when you are restricted on space. It's simple to build taking less than one day for two people to assemble and only weighs around 51kg. 

Open 3x3 exhibition stand idea


Two sided stand with meeting pod

This exhibition system is visually striking but also has a clever storage and business seating area with room for four chairs and a table. Weighing around 126kg it would take about one day for two people to assemble  and includes over panel lighting with literature holders and space for a monitor.

Two wall with meeting pod exhibition stand idea


Single walled stand with recessed alcoves

This exhibition stand features some very cool recesses to create a stunning effect with the depth. It weighs around 120kg and would take two people about one day to assemble. It would fit perfectly in a 3m x 3m space with space for acrylic shelves and a large counter.

Single wall exhibition stand with recesses


Single wall with free standing panels

This exhibition stand features a single wall across the 4m x 3m space combined with two freestanding panels and counters. It's simple to build as well taking only two people only one day to assemble the 102kg kit. 

Open stand with two counters example


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