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Forklift branding

Changing the colour of a forklift with printed and cut vinyl graphics

Forklift truck branding, wrapping and cut vinyls


Here are a couple of different forklift vehicles we have changed through the application of printed wrapping vinyl and also colour change wrapping vinyl. In both examples we also used cut vinyls for logos and text applied to the surface of the colour change. As you can see it is possible to dramatically change the look of the forklift to give them unique identities or for marketing purposes. 

This forklift shown below has a mix of specialist cast wrapping vinyl to apply colour changes and also cut vinyl graphics for text and logos. 

Forklift with coloured wrap vinyl and cut vinyl 

The forklift below has printed cast vinyl wrapped around the rear section with the logo applied out of cut white vinyl. 

Forklift with printed wrap vinyl and cut vinyl

For more information on the branding of forklifts and vehicles for your company then please contact us. We can help advise with the design, printing and installation as needed.