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July 2023 Design and print news

Basingstoke printing, signs and design up to July 2023

Basingstoke Printing, Signs and Design Company 

Here are some items we have designed, printed and installed during June 2023. As usual this is a small selection of our printed items. If you have any questions or would like further information on the printing solutions we offer, then please just call, email or pop into our office. 


Printing of fire safety graphics onto photoluminecent vinyl that glows in the dark

Specialist glow in the dark signage using photoluminecent vinyl (non radioactive) can be used to produce fire safety signage. It is charged through natural and artificial light and is perfect for buildings that have legal requirements with regards to signage and safety. We can help with the design of bespoke signage that meets all the correct requireements as of the time of production. Below the image shows the printing of the signs on our wide format printer. 

Photoluminecent vinyl printing for fire safety glow in dark signs


Design and production insert cards for packaging

GF Smith paper and boards is our go to solution for the best high quality leaflets or inserts for clients. This particular card goes inside the packaging of a golf club and conveys the quality of the product. It is difficult to convey just how nice a piece of paper can feel especially with the tactile feel of this unique board. 

GF Smith board insert with foiled artwork


Cut vinyl lettering for wall graphics

A complex logo to position correctly as rather uniquely the lettering is all different heights and sizes. Also the centre point is not obvious making it tricky to install in the right position. However the logo really works well on this coloured wall with white and gold vinyl used to create the feature. 

Wall graphics using cut vinyl

Acrylic award for events

This simple but well designed acrylic award was produced for an event and then shipped to the client. It was designed in our studio and then produced with packaging ready for the reveal. 

Acrylic award engraved for event

Greetings cards

These lovely greeting cards are printed onto a 350gsm board before being trimmed and scored ready for dispatch to the client. There were 6 seperate designs which involved ensuring there was a set of 6 which were then inserted into polybags with envelopes ready for the client to sell. 

Printed greeting cards with finishing and packed into polybags