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June 2023 Design and Print

Basingstoke printing, signs and design up to June 2023

Basingstoke Printing, Signs and Design Company 

Here are some items we have designed, printed and installed during the first few months of  2023. As usual this is a small selection of our printed items. If you have any questions or would like further information on the printing solutions we offer, then please just call, email or pop into our office. 


Printing of charity leaflets to raise funds for victims of the Oakridge, Basingstoke fire

We were asked to print some leaflets for a charity fundraiser in Basingstoke for the recent tragic fire which affected so many people in Oakridge. As it is local we were more than happy to donate the printing of leaflets and posters for this event. The fundraiser will be held at The Green in Oakridge and will have lots of great activities to raise funds for the people who have lost their homes.

Fundraiser leaflet for Oakridge fire victims


Design and production of new container signage

Below is the image of a large 40ft banner that is used to cover the front of a container. You can see in the banner photo as it is laid out in front of our unit. Looks amazing in situ and we affixed it to the metal container using screw fixings. 

Giant banner printing to cover 40 foot container


2024 Calendar printing

This is our first 2024 calendar that we have printed this year. Using the clients design we printed the sheets which are then collated and bound with wires. The photography in this one is excellent with some great local images.

2024 calendar printing

Another display banner for a car club

This is a really+simple but effective display banner unit that can be easily assembled and perfect for car club meets. Also great to combine with window stickers that are static cling so are not permanent.

car club banner display for events

Roll up display stands

The traditional roller banenr stand is a perfect medium for events or even in the office. A couple here produced for a client and ready to go within an hour.

Roller banner stands printed quickly


Cut black vinyl lettering for signage

A low cost but really great way of creating signage is by using black vinyl. We keep this as a stock item and it can be produced really quickly and ready to apply same day. It can be used on glass or on flat walls both inside and outside. Here is an example being weeded before the application tape is applied. 

Black cut vinyl for signage in Basingstoke


External modern modular sign with posts installed

This simple but stylish modern sign is a modular aluminium signage system that is finished in white. The planks come in different sizes and it is an effective way of creating a new sign for a larger building or park. 

Modular sign for business park