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Print Finishing

Specialist touches to your printing

Print finishing services to printed items


Special printing finishes including spot varnish, embossing, thermography, foil blocking, die cuts and lamination that take your design to a new dimension. A print finish that can transform your business literature, or turn a personal correspondence into a keep-sake. Whatever size the project, we offer a range of print finishing options to ensure that the final product is always of the best possible quality. We 

Please see below for more details on each finishing service, or drop in to see, touch and feel some samples sure to get your pulse racing!



Lots of options to bind documents including using wires with various covers and backs. We can bind while you wait for short run presentations or schedule in as required. 

For more information on the document binding solutions we offer please click here


Booklet making

Taking imposed printed sheets and making into book.Options for saddle stitching, stapling and perfect binding

For more information on the booklet making solutions we offer please click here



We can take printed sheets and collate as needed into piles ready for other specific finishing if required. Or final documents can be printed collated into specific orders. 

For more information on the collation options we offer please click here

Creasing and scoring

Our team can help with advising on creasing sheets for folding or booklet making. We can score & perf sheets in a variety of positions using our scoring machine or arrange to get a die made for large and complex projects.

For more information on creasing and scoring paper please click here

Die cutting

For small and large print runs we offer specialist die cutting services which are either from computer cutting or traditional made metal dies. 

For more information of die cutting please click here

Duplex and triplex bonding

To make extra thick cards then we can bond sheets together to give additional strength but also add effects such as having a coloured sheet inbetween white board. 

For more information on duplex and triplex bonding please click here

Embossing and debossing

For textural look and feel you can emboss or deboss images to give a high quality feel to your business cards or invites. 

For more information on embossing and debossing


Hole punching and drilling

We can drill through paper reams to create holes in paper for ring binders or document pins and ties. 

For more information on paper drilling and punching please click here

Lamination and encapsulation

We can laminate and encapsulate both short run and long run documents and posters. This can even be done while you wait at our Basingstoke office for small quantities. There are also specialist laminates we can cover paper in with unique effects. 

For more information on lamination and encapsulation of documents then please click here


We can pad the final prints into collated sets for notebooks, business forms and anything else required. 

For more information on our padding service then please click here


For both short and long runs we can either perforate sheets using our perforating machine or die cut for very long runs. 

For more information on perforating paper sheets then please click here

Spot UV varnishing

Spot UV varnishing is a way to had a wet look effect on paper and board that is targetted to a specific area. It can add really quality and style to invitations, brochures and business cards.

For more information on spot uv varnishing then please click here


Options to staple documents as they are being  printed or after they have been printed. Staple positions can be in various locations from one staple upwards.

For more information on document stapling then please click here

Scratch and sniff

For unique marketing via paper you can add frqgrances that are released when the surface is scratched. 

For more information on scratch and sniff printing then please click here

Rub remove latex

Perfect for competitions you can add a silver latex that is scratched off to remove the prize information below. 

For more information on rub remove latex then please click here