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Website Design & Build

Wordpress, CMS & ecommerce websites

Basingstoke web design agency

We offer a number of web design, multimedia and web development services through our design agency in Basingstoke, Hampshire. We mainly specialise in corporate website design & build using the WordPress and MODX Content Management System (CMS). For ecommerce solutions we can get you up & running with a Shopify based system which is a great platform that is easy to use and quickly enables you to start earning money with your online company. 


When we are approached to design a website we will want to know a few things such as do you have a logo and if there are any corporate guidelines that we need to work to. It's also important to have a realistic timescale of when you want to go live. We will then define the scope of the project including the structure of the site and get busy with some initial visual ideas which will help you get the design and functionality you require. It's also important we get domain names and hosting setup on hosts that are appropriate for your target georgraphical market ready for your go live date. 

Website support

We offer various solutions for web maintenance. The easiest option is to have a maintenance contract for your website so if you experience 'breaks' or need content amending, you can call or email us to fix the issue. As an alternative you can simply pay for the repairs or changes to your website as and when required.

Costs / Options

  • £35 + VAT per 20 minutes of work
  • Website maintenance contract (either annual or rolling monthly)
  • Bespoke quote for a specific change or fix


Online versions of your printed brochures can easily be created from the final PDF of your files. These can be incorporated into your website using an i-Frame or a link to an online site. 

Email Marketing

Ability to communicate with large audiences and monitor campaign results is still a great low cost way of marketing. We can setup a site which you can login to, amend your template, update your mailing list and enable you to send out targetted email campaigns on demand. 


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