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October 2023 Design, Print & Sign news

Basingstoke printing, signs and design up to October 2023

Basingstoke Printing, Signs and Design Company 

Here are some items we have designed, printed and installed up to October 2023. As usual this is a small selection of our designed and printed items. If you have any questions or would like further information on the printing & sign solutions we offer, then please just call, email or pop into our office. 


Printing of wall wrap graphics and installation

This amazing design supplied to us by the client was used to wrap a OSB constructed office space above the warehouse. The crude surface of the material meant that to achieve the best result we had to use wall wrap material using a high tack adhesive. The graphics were laminated and then applied on site using a scissor lift for the trick areas to access. We considered using foamex sheets but the wall surface was too disjointed to give a result that was professional. Although you can see the texture of the surface below the graphic it really looks stunning in place from where customers will see it.  

Wall graphics wrap onto OSB surface


Design and production insert cards for packaging

Christmas cards designed and printed ready to post out to the clients customers. This effective design looks great onto card board and is all scored and ready to fill in and post out to their customers.  

Printed corporate Christmas cards for 2023


Printed envelopes for Christmas

Along with the Christmas cards we also printed these lovely matching envelopes to go with them. Gummed greeting card style envelopes can be fully printed before being made up so there are lots of options with regards to the enevelop design. 

Printed envelopes for Christmas cards

Canvas print scanned and reprinted

Tasked with creating a copy of an original canvas the only option was to photograph it before reprinting due to the size. The client wanted a smaller version which we resized and printed ready for them to pickup from our office. 

Canvas print photographed and new printed version

A4 Portrait brochure printed quickly for event

This very cool A4 portrait brochure containing 28 pages was needed quickly for an event. So quick we had to print and dispatch the same day. Printed on our Konica digital press we then finished it offline on our Duplo booklet maker and packed it ready for customer collection.  

Printed A4 brochure


Engineering rulers for exhibition

Working with a customer design we supplied and printed the double sided 15 inch rulers for a corporate exhibition. Longer than the standard 30cm ruler they looked really good and certainly more useful for the clients.   

Rulers with double sided print



Vehicle graphic design and print

We designed this graphic to go onto a new style Ford Transit. Using Oracal cast vinyl film and laminated printed vinyl for the sides the van was with us for a day so it could only be off the road for that length of time. Final results looked really good. 

Van graphics designed, printed and installed